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Girvi Manager (Version : 2)

Girvi Manager is a complete Girvi Management Software which saves you from the headache of maintaining Girvi Ledger and save a lots of time you spend daily in accounting work. also It always keeps you updated about your business earning, daily girvi transactions, turnover, debtors, creditors and all other analysis.

Key Features :

Installing and Security :

  • Easy to install (Just download and use).
  • User friendly interface makes it very easy to understand and operate.                                                    Price : Contact For Pricing 
  • Very small in size of data to easily backup.                                                                                               Download 15 day free trial.
  • Password protected to restrict unauthorized use.                                                                                              User Instructions

Silent Features :

  • All Girvies Statistics calculated every time when any girvi transaction is made.
  • Displays all girvi and jewar dues with interest on the customer when any new girvi is assigned to him.
  • Find all Girvi Transaction Records customer wise and Girvi No. wise.
  • Search Girvi Records by Customer name,Girvi Amount,Girvi No.,Village.
  • Search & filter all Active,Expired,Released girvi records in a minute.
  • Filter Time Expired & Value Expired girvies.
  • Search all girvies in name of one customer ,total girvi balance and jewar balance on him in one click.
  • Magical Interest Calculator to calculate simple as well as compound interest, RD interest & also Home & Car loan EMI. 
  • All Customer data records with their girvi & jewar dues.
  • Expense records management.
  • Cash Book/Bank A/c record management.
  • Investments entries record.
  • Debtors/Creditors List and their accounts.
  • Interest Account.
  • Profit and Loss Account.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Every entry is editable.
  • Print/Print Preview facility of all data sheets.
  • One year technical support absolutely free.
  • And Much more