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Software Operating Instructions

Please Read the following instructions carefully before opening the downloaded program file on your computer :---

1. Our software products runs only with ‘Microsoft Excel 2007’ or above version. Operating system supported Windows Xp & Windows 7 & Windows 8.

 2. For this program to run on your computer your Excel Macro Security should be in disable state. If it is not disabled, make sure to disable it before opening the program file. To Disable Macro Security make the following steps (In Excel 2007 or above versions) :-

A. First Open Microsoft Excel.

B. Click home button in the left most corner of the window.

C. Choose Excel options.

D. Select 'Trust Center'.

E. Click 'Trust Center Settings' in the lower right corner.

F. Now a dialog box will appear.

G. Choose 'Macro Settings' in the left panel.

H. Click the check box named ‘Enable all macros without notification’.

I. Now you can run any macro enabled file.

4. Make sure to change your system clock date to current date. Otherwise you may get errors in date display or in date calculations.

5. Do not use any Excel shortcut command key for example : Ctrl+C, while operating the program.

6. Best viewed in 1280x780 resolution.

7. You may need to install Date-Time Picker Control (Download) if a message saying 'Excel Can not load an object because it is not available on this machine.' is displayed on opening the program file on your system.

For any further queries about the program please contact :

Sachin Agrawal (Program Developer)

Mob : 9997602488

E-mail : [email protected]